Bolivar Missouri Dentist xray PicIf this is your first visit here at Bolivar Missouri Dentist, Bolivar Smiles we like to get to know you and your dental history. Please arrive 15 minutes before your first dental visit to allow adequate time to fill out your new patient forms.

During your first visit we will…

Conduct a complete dental consultation and take a full set of digital dental x-rays.

X-rays are an essential part of your first visit. They help us discover your current dental health and customize a dental plan for you.

The advanced technology of our digital x-rays are very safe and use only a fraction of the radiation of analogue x-rays.

Our doctors will review your x-rays with you and answer any questions or concerns that you may have.

We take great pride in the care and attention we give to each individual patient. We work hard to make sure our patients are fully aware of any recommended procedures or treatment and we work with you to