Same-Day CEREC® Crowns
in Bolivar, MO

Restoring your smile with same-day crowns can get you back to smiling sooner!

At Bolivar Smiles, our dental crowns are crafted in-office to bring you the benefits of dental crowns immediately. If you need a same-day crown in Bolivar, MO, give our office a call to learn about our CEREC® dental crowns or to schedule your appointment.

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What is a same-day crown?

Same-day crowns are just like traditional dental crowns, except they are created on the same day of your restorative dentistry appointment. They are crafted with CAD/CAM software and 3D imaging, which then mills the crown out of durable zirconia right in our dental office with the help of computer-assisted technology! CEREC dental crowns appear just like traditional dental crowns as the dental crown size, shape, and shade blend in with the surrounding teeth.

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Are same-day crowns strong?

One-day crowns reduce the number of times you have to visit while still offering quality and comfort to your remaining natural smile. Our one-day crowns are durable, maintain their shape, and last up to ten years or longer with good care. Good care for a same-day crown includes brushing twice a day, flossing, and maintaining routine dental visits. If your crown feels uncomfortable or becomes loose over time, we encourage you to contact our office for an examination.

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Is a same-day crown more expensive than a traditional crown?

Dental crowns offer strength and support to a weak or damaged tooth and can prevent further dental issues from occurring. At Bolivar Smiles, we understand that cost is a consideration when selecting treatments. Same-day crowns are a convenient and affordable option, especially when you would like to restore your smile as soon as possible. Our office accepts dental insurance and payment plans and offers an in-house plan. To learn more about our financing options, visit our financial page.

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